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Another Mission Accomplished
written on Thursday, October 9, 2014 @ 7:41 PM ✈

Assalamualaikum wbt and annyeong!

Alhamdulillah another semester had ended. Three more semeter to go before graduating. Hopefully we'll success and have a flying colors' results! I don't have any idea on what to write so till we meet again. Bye guys!

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And Again
written on Friday, May 23, 2014 @ 12:43 AM ✈

Assalamualaikum wbt and annyeong.

Hello people! Well, hello if there's still someone who keep on reading my blog. Thanks for your patience waiting for me to update my blog. But I guess there's just no one waiting for my blog to be updated ahak. So, last post was on February and now it's May so yayy finish my second semester! Four more semesters to go through pheww~ And now I'm doing my part-time job since I'm trying to get a productive holiday rather than sleep, dramas, sleep and dramas again and it keeps going like that. The cycle make my sleeping pattern disturbed. It's basically like I'm well energetic and wide awake at night and keep on sleeping on days. So yeah and I decided to find a job and now here I am keep on wishing that I will finish my job asap. Lol me.

Result for the second semester dah keluar. And alhamdulillah for the second time the letters is DL. Memang rasa macam Ya Allah, Engkau memang Maha Pemurah. Sebab apa tau, this semester ever since dah ada hard disk, well duit pt ada so disalurkan untuk beli hard disk sebab kalau tak nanti bosan tahap petala kelapan nanti dekat kolej sebab takde apa nak tengok hahahaha okay back to the topic. Ever since ada hard disk and banyak gila sources aku for movies, variety shows, dramas apa semua, study macam "Alaa, kejap je satu episod je lepas ni study.", but I keep on repeating that for 16 times if I watch 16 episodes non stop lah kan. So, study macam diketepikan sikit. Sikit ke? Sikit kot entahlah kan.

So, memang tak expect boleh dapat tapi memang mengharap gegila lah kan biar dapat DL. Dengan carry marks sikitnya, dengan physicsnya, depression and stresses dengan careless mistakes all over lagi so macam putuslah harapanku nak ANC tsk tsk. The day that all UiTMians tunggu-tunggu, 9th May. 12 sharp memang dah ready nak buka email sebab last semester dah masuk email that but this time, keep on refreshing pun takde apa. Punyalah aku bersengkang mata sampai 4 pagi nak tunggu result but nothing. So, I get my sleep and pagi tu terus on laptop dulu buka student portal and alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. However, pointer turun sikit from last semester. 0.03. Still, I'm so grateful with my achievement and that I can still keep my mom proud of me when she saw my result.

Habis je sesi menjerit and lompat-lompat satu rumah terus get ready and reward myself with Spidey. Alone. Hahaha I like watching movies alone. It's like I'm all alone without anyone, immersed in the movie, relieving my stress. One thing, whenever I scroll my timeline on twitter that day, confirm ada post like "A: Si B ni konon je eee takutlah nanti fail exam but nanti result 4 flat jugak.". Memang makan dalam. Sangat. Kalau dah dia 4 flat every sem pun tu dah memang rezeki dia. Who are you to judge him/her like that? Dia pun mesti rasa insecure jugak over his/her answers tapi dah rezeki dia result flying colors. I think I've mentioned this on my previous post kot. Macam aku. Seriously, my exam memang banyak careless mistakes. 211 memang jangan cerita. That paper memang aku confident, balik je kolej check jawapan rasa nak menangis. Don't judge. I like checking. And then, I'll cry or laugh alone. However, Allah memang Maha Pemurah and I still on the list.

Two more weeks before third semester and I still hope that I can make my parents proud of me. And for juniors UiTM Kuala Pilah, welcome to Beting guys! Even though Beting jauh tersorok dalam hutan but believe me it's not that bad. Wifi kolej ada but kadang-kadang buat hal jugak. *this thing made these guys worried a lot* Nak pergi pekan bukan 45 minit. Aku rasa macam 15 minit je kot? And for those yang kata teruk sangat ke result you all sebab dapat Dip Textile Tech. Like hellooooo this course ain't that easy either okay? Course ni bukan course untuk budak result teruk. Even textile seniors pun ramai je 4 flat. Me myself pun spm result tak teruk sangat but dapat this course. So, clear all your mind of misconception of this course and enjoy. Adios.

I miss the 12. I miss the galaxy-cold-city-and-chicken-is-not-my-style-guy.

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written on Monday, February 10, 2014 @ 10:13 PM ✈

Assalamualaikum wbt and annyeong!

It's been couple of months since the last time I'm here. I miss blogging but I don't have the time to do so or should I said that I actually was so lazy to do so? Well, life is getting busier. Like mostly every week on Friday I need to go to Shah Alam for our lab practical unless there is holiday on Friday then I'll pack up as soon as possible and head home.

Since on this semester we've been introduced with what is textile actually so things was a lil bit harder than last semester. But I think I've been slowing my pace. I'm not so so so concerned about my studies compared to last semester I think? With just a month before the final, I'm still like huhahuha. Afraid I will not get listed on the dean's list for this semester. So, I need to come to my sense and grab everything back. Need to make it fast. So, I guess it's just a short blog post for now. Pray for me. Thanks! See ya later.


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